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Listen to all songs of Shweta Pandya,Raxstar online. Ask - Shweta Pandya is a song by Shweta Pandya,Raxstar from the album Top MP3 Songs. The song's lyrics were written by Raxstar and the music was composed by Myze. On 07, Feb 2023, the song "Ask - Raxstar, Shweta Pandya Mp3 Song Download Pagalworld" was released.

Ask - Shweta Pandya

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Ask - Shweta Pandya

File Name: Ask - Raxstar, Shweta Pandya Mp3 Song Download Pagalworld

Duration: 02:15 Min

Added On: 07, Feb 2023

Artist: Shweta Pandya, Raxstar,

Lyric: Raxstar

Music: Myze

Category: Top MP3 Songs

Download: 1806+

Ask Raxstar Lyrics

How Did Your Feelings Disappear?

How Did We Go Without Speaking For A Year?

What Did You Say To People When They Asked About Me?

What Happened To You Can't See A Future Without Me?

When Did You Plan To Give Up On What We Had?

When Was The Last Time We Held Each Others Hands?

Why Did You Make A Promise You Didn't Plan To Keep?

Why Did You Say Things That You Didn't Mean?

Why? Why Waste My Time? Why? Why All The Lies? 

Why Did I Lower My Standards And Compromise?

When You Needed Someone Who Was There For You Unconditionally?

Do You Still Say A Prayer For Me? Are You Thinking Of Me? Tell Me

Who You Making Plans With? Who You Going Out With?

Who Do You Face Time When You're Picking Out Your Outfits?

Who Was In The Right And Who Was In The Wrong Though?

Writing Paragraphs When I Should've Written Songs Though 

Where Was Your Mind At Thinking I Could Ever Be Replaced? 

Where Are The Memories You Erased?

Where Is The Love I Been Struggling To Find?

And Even Though You're Not I Still Miss You Like You're Mine